Commercial & Asset

Car Loans

Contact us for a competitive car loan quote whether private or commercial. It is always well worth the effort to have a comparison when dealing with dealers.
We also provide a solution for private car sales. Simple and easy

Commercial Finance

Looking to purchase a commercial property whether for your own business or investment? Look no further as we provide multiple solutions with different lenders.

Short Term Business Finance

There comes a time when your business requires an urgent cashflow boost whether it being for the next big order, a great opportunity or just in general. We provide multiple solutions to give you access to funds.

Asset Finance

Helping you with your next commercial asset purchase whether it being equipment, wine barrels or something specialized. We provide you with solutions to multiple lenders.

Personal Loans

At Kilu we strive to assist our clients in every possible way. Contact us for personal loan solutions that will fit you.

Debt Consolidation

Struggling with too many payments on different loans which and you fell out of control? Let us provide you with assistance and guidance to try and simplify this for you. Contact us today.